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Welcome back CookingKozey!!  As I have been COMPLETELY delinquent, I welcomed the offer to document this amazingly delicious cake that was made for our lovely friend’s birthday.  The cake had to follow a private dinner from a great professional chef and I didn’t see a clean bowl on the table after this was served.  I personally could have had at least one more slice.  It was light, fresh, delicious and perfect for summer with the fresh berries.

So thank you friend for making a return appearance and thank you for kicking my butt back into blogging gear.  And thanks for making such a delicious dessert!

I’m also curious what you did with all of those egg yolks…


Yay, guest blogging again!  I have been drooling over this blog’s recent entries for weeks so I’m excited to contribute again.  The mission today:  Homemade Angel Food Cake

I’m not much of a baker, but I am a very nerdy researcher.  When I don’t know how to make something, my solution is to read about 10 different ways to do it and then come up with an amalgamation of those for my own attempt.  So when I decided to make angel food cake for a friend’s birthday, I looked up many suggested recipes and came up with the one I am sharing with you today.  I was a little nervous making a cake that is not funfetti… for a special occasion… and having our host blogger (who, in my opinion, is queen of dessert making) actually eat it!

One thing you have to know about making angel food cake is that a few “gadgets” are necessary in the process.  So before I tell you about the ingredients, here is what you need:
A food processor
A handmixer or a standmixer with whisk attachments
A flour sifter and a moveable/bendable surface for sifting
An angel food cake pan (the ones with the little tube in the middle and feet on the bottom)

Now, the ingredients.  Angel food cake actually has a blissfully short list:

1 1/2 c. granulated white sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 c. cake flour
12 egg whites (aim for about 1 1/2 c. if you have bigger/smaller eggs)
1/3 c. warm water
1 tsp. vanilla extract (others can be substituted)
1 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar

1 c. powdered sugar
2 pints of fresh berries (your choice, I did blueberry and strawberry)

I think the success of this cake lives and dies by the freshness of the egg whites.  I bought a dozen fresh eggs from the farmer’s market 2 days before, and then let them come to room temperature before I used them.  I think that helped make the cake stay fluffy and light, so if you have a place to buy local eggs you know are really fresh, I’d say go for it.  And if you refrigerate them, make sure you let them completely get back to room temperature before you use them.  And while you’re at the farmer’s market, grab some fresh berries for topping the cake later!

First, move an oven rack to the row 2nd from the bottom and preheat the oven to 35o degrees.
Next, pour the granulated sugar into the food processor and let it go for about 2 minutes.  This gets the sugar really fine and eliminates the need to BUY superfine sugar (you’ll rarely use).

After that happens, pour half of it into a flour sifter with the cake flour and salt (set rest of sugar aside- just keep it in the food processor).  Sift this mix onto something you can pick up and bend, like one of those dough kneading sheets or wax paper.  I say this because you’ll need to sift this mixture about 4 times so you need something to sift onto that you can pick up and funnel the mix back into the sifter.

Next, the eggs.

After they’re separated, pour the whites into a standmixer with the balloon whisk attachment (or a bowl and have handmixer with whisk at the ready).  Add the warm water, cream of tartar and the vanilla extract to this and beat on medium speed for 2 minutes.  It will get foamy and start to turn white.  Now, with the mixture still getting beaten slowly sift in the rest of the sugar.  I pre-sifted it and then sprinkled it in so I could keep the batter mixing.

Now, you let this beat for about 2 more minutes on a pretty high speed until you get “medium peaks.”  I had no idea what this meant, but I beat the mixture until when I took the whisk out it rose up and stayed in little waves.  At this point the whole mix is pretty big and fluffy.  Now you sift the flour mixture in, do this 1/4 of the batch at a time and very very gently fold the flour in.  I only folded about three times for each addition of flour.  I think the key is you don’t want the egg/sugary mix to deflate.

Once this is done, gently pour the mix into an angel food cake pan.  Some recipes suggested lining the bottom of this pan with a cut-out piece of wax paper, but I forgot about this and it didn’t matter.  So if you have a nice nonstick cake pan I don’t think you need to do that.  You can smooth the top a bit to even it out.
Bake for 35 minutes, but check it at 30 by putting a wooden skewer through the middle of the cake.  If it comes out dry the cake is done.  Take it out and stand it on its legs to cool for one full hour at least before you take it out.


I did this and then sprinkled the cake with powdered sugar, then topped with berries.  You can also make things like glazes to pour on it, but I personally think its sweet enough as it is!


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Wow, what a wonderful recipe, instructions, pictures……off to the market to get ingredients to join in the fun! Pam

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